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What should I pack?

The best advice I can give is NOT to bring anything you would worry about losing or getting wet or damaged and to pack casual clothes only. Even at the nicer restaurants in port, a sundress or casual shirt & shorts are sufficient.

And don’t stress it! In Croatia, you’ll find supermarkets and pharmacies in every harbor, open 7 days a week. It’s easy to buy the little things you may have forgotten to pack.

Don't overpack

A soft bag is ideal. Especially if you can fold your clothes in a way to live off the bag during the week.

Each cabin has a large drawer and a hanging closet with a shelf.
Back cabins have in addition a ledge behind the door.
Front cabins have space under the drawer (it can get slightly humid) and a small cupboard.
Also there is space on the side of the bed for books, phones, chargers.
Each bathroom has storage behind the mirrors.


  • A windbreaker / hard shell, also to stay dry during dinghy rides. A warmer jacket (soft shell) that fits underneath (make sure you can layer the hoods!).

  • Several bathing suits (they get used a lot and tend to stay slightly wet)

  • In Spring / Autumn: several pairs of light pants like running leggings (gets wet & dirty during anchoring / berthing in a harbor especially with mooring lines, and jeans take a while to dry). And a few pairs of warm socks, which often get wet.

  • In Summer: several pairs of shorts (they also tend to get wet!)

  • Long sleeve T shirts, with quick dry materials are great also in summer to protect from the sun.

  • A hoodie or sweater that’s easy to put on.A sarong to cover up (from wind, sun, or unwanted glances…)

  • 1-2 “going out” outfits but not too formal

  • For the night: comfortable night wear that you can quickly put on if you need to stand up in the middle of the night. When you hear an unexpected noise or an alarm rings, you want to be able to stand up immediately without looking for your clothes.

  • Sneakers with white soles that you’ll wear mostly on the boat, flip flops.

  • Another pair of sneakers for walks in cities or in nature (having separate pairs of shoes helps keep the boat clean).


  • A Baseball cap or a hat, and a system to tie it (or be ready to lose it at sea!)

  • Sunglasses that fit well, or also with a tie.

  • Enough hair ties, and a headband to keep your hair from flying and your ears warm, but not too tight: beware of headaches!

  • A scarf to keep your neck warm if you’re sensitive.

  • Don’t forget lip balm, hand cream, and nail clipper / file: hands get wet and nails break, and lips get dry with the wind.Also sunscreen & aftersun lotion, tweezers.

  • You can buy shower gel, shampoo, Q-Tips.. on arrival unless you need a specific brand.

  • Bring a small bag to carry your clothes, towel and toiletries when you go shower at the marina facilities.


Snorkeling / Swimming

  • Snorkeling masks and fins are available on the boat.

  • Dive boots or water shoes are recommended: the beach has pebbles and sea urchins

  • Take a rash guard / swim leggings if you like, or even a dive suit for Autumn / Spring.


  • Creams against itching / small irritation are useful.

  • Motion sickness meds (bring those that work for you). Ginger caps are good for low level sickness, or “seagum”.

  • Something to clean ears after snorkeling if you need, nose spray.

  • Mosquito repellent (if sensitive).

  • Earplugs / Eye mask for sleeping: each cabin has curtains and a fan. But if you want to sleep with the hatches open for fresh air, you will be woken up early by the sun!

Linen & Towels

  • Towels are provided, but if you like an XL beach towel or poncho you’ll need to bring it.

  • A microfiber towel is useful for the beach.

  • The beds are 160cm at the head and 140cm at the feet. They are made with 1 duvet cover per person.


  • Usual kitchen appliances/utensils are available on the boat.

  • You can never have too many kitchen towels, bring a few.

  • You can also bring Ziploc bags and a few backing paper sheets if you want to avoid buying a full roll.

  • Bring your essential spice mix in small plastic bags or buy them in Croatia.

  • Nespresso caps (usually we consume more on the boat than at home)

Other useful items

(if you have & use them at home)
  • Waterproof bag (for dinghy /paddle rides), waterproof case for your phone.

  • Backpack for land trips.

  • Mesh bag for dirty laundry (you can hang it behind the cabin door).

  • A notebook and pen to write down instructions and thoughts.

  • For the skipper: a logbook and safety procedures.

  • Underwater camera

  • Music on your phone (the boat is equipped with Bluetooth speakers) that is accessible offline, headphones if you want privacy

  • Small LED chargeable lights and headlamp, swiss army knife

  • Sailing gloves, also good during maneuvers

  • Exercise bands if you need the workoutSmall musical instruments

  • A light cover if you tend to feel cold in the evenings

  • For Kids: a Personal Flotation Device that fits them, and any swim gear to assist them swimming safely.


  • A hairdryer: there is not enough power on the boat at anchor, they are available in the marinas. A straightening or curling iron (< 1600 W) can be used.. but consider if you really need it!

  • Too many shoes: you won’t wear them!

  • Fragile fabrics that should not get wet: we can’t guarantee anything stays dry.. a wave can surprise you fast.

  • Long dresses, except if you’re really comfortable not tripping on them (I am not!)

  • An expensive hand bag that doesn’t close completely: no issue if you exit the boat in the harbor, but have a waterproof bag handy for dinghy rides

  • Valuable jewelry you can’t afford to lose

  • Too many chargers: the boat is equipped with USB plugs in the cabins

  • Personal flotation Device, Harnesses: all safety equipment is available on the boat.

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